Advisory and Consultancy                                  

We provides advisory and consultancy services that deliver practical and enduring results. We provide our clients with the knowledge and capabilities needed to apply best practices and boost performance for the long-term. Our advisory and consultancy services include all key aspects of Halal Certification, Halal Standards, Halal Assurance System, Internal Halal Audit, and Global Halal market opportunities.


Halal Certification

We provides consulting services and facilitation to businesses for Halal Certification of their products or services. Halal Certification is becoming more and more a marketing tools enabling the entrepreneurs or manufacturers to give the consumers the assurance of the Halalan toyyiban on their products or services.


We offers professional services that will ensure a smooth certification process, regardless of the needed certifications. Our experts will create tailored reports for each business, with details about every step of the process. At the end of our consultancy service, your company will adhere to the correct certification bodies.


To obtain Halal certified for each product or services in Malaysia or internationally, we must apply for it at JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) or JAIN (Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri)/ MAIN (Majlis Agama Islam Negeri) and comply with their terms and conditions. The process would take about a month or more because the authorities need to inspect the premise and their food suppliers for Halal confirmation.

Halal Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It can help an organization accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.


Internal audit transformation engagements represent assignments to assist an internal audit function evolve and transform to become more effective and deliver increased value. Areas of focus may include, but are not limited to, methodology, team matters, use of technology, and internal audit reporting.


Before obtaining a Halal certification for your services or products, an audit must be performed in order to ensure that your business is compliant with the Halal standards that are offered by the Sharia law and regulated by the official bodies in the target country or area.


Our company offers Halal management, consulting and auditing services that are run by our experts. Each audit process will give your company an overall evaluation, complete with a list of changes that need to be done in order to receive the Halal certification. Each audit is tailored to the needs of each company, thus ensuring a high-quality collaboration.

Halal Supply Chain Management

Integrity of Halal supply chains is becoming an increasing concern for government and Halal industry players.

In order to protect the Halal integrity throughout the supply chain or value chain, a system of segregation and communication is required in order to provide a higher level of assurance to the Muslim consumer and protection for the brand owner.


Segregation can be achieved by a system of physical segregation in transportation, storage and (sea/air/inland) terminals, to ensure that Halal and non-Halal goods flows are not combined on a load carrier and for (destination) Muslim countries not mixed in transport and storage.

Human Capital Development

For the continuous in Halal management, we have developed training including seminar and talks, which are frequently to enhance the awareness and understanding of Halal concepts.


We provides individuals and businesses with unique Human Capital Development training programs. Our programs have helped our clients to gain advanced levels of understanding about the Global Halal industry.


The strength of our training programs comes from the hard-work and dedication that is being put into each program by our trainers. Each of our trainers are experts in their fields and can provide trainees with the best experience.


We offer a wide variety of topics, such as the understanding of Sharia law, Halal Standards, Internal Halal Audit, Halas Assurance System, food processing and safety, Global Halal markets, and so on. The training programs are divided into two types which is Open Public and In-house Tailor-Made Training.


Our training programme has become a strong pillar of our Halal industry service.


Haenmar Consultancy will facilitate and participate an International Halal exhibition/expo/roadshow platform for potential entrepreneurs to market their Halal products or services. We will be a representative of potential entrepreneurs to undertake activities to promote the export of Malaysian products and services in overseas markets. We also will introduce and represent Malaysian companies to foreign importers seeking Malaysian suppliers.

Muslim Friendly Tourism

Muslim Friendly Tourism is not just limited to the provision of Halal food but it is also includes hospitality services that comply with the Islamic Law (Shariah). This encompasses hotel, resorts, accommodations, restaurants and airlines that do not serve alcoholic beverages or pork ingredients, offer food with Halal certificates and provide separate wellness facilities for women, prayers facilities and generally Muslim friendly environment.


Currently, we offering outbound Muslim Friendly Package to Japan, Korea, Uzbekistan, Balkan, Turkey, Iran and others. For more information and promotion packages, please go to our Facebook Page Haenmar Excursion (https://www.facebook.com/haenmarexcursion/)